Brin Levinson: Silent Empire

Brin Levinson's solo show Silent Empire opened at Hellion Gallery last month. It's been a pleasure watching him create the artwork over the past year. 

I had seen a little bit of Brin's work before we became studio-mates at ACTION, but it was a whole other experience to see every piece as it was in progress, completed, and finally hung together as a body of work at his show. 

Brin's paintings often depict magnificent animals amidst urban decay. The paintings are bittersweet... the human world is in a shambles, and yet there is a beauty in how nature endures nonetheless. Many of the places Brin painted in Silent Empire are locations around Portland. As a local viewer they put you in a familiar place, but utterly alone, surrounded by an eerie glow that you can't distinguish between dawn or dusk. They're haunting and beautiful all at once. 

Brin's show is no longer on view at the gallery, but he will have a handful of original works and some prints at our studio open house later this month. In the meantime, please enjoy images of his work from Silent Empire below! 

- Monica