Natalie Erickson was born in 1977 in Modesto, CA. This small town was the perfect setting for her to learn how to create and escape through drawing, photography, and short films.  After high school she headed north and landed in Seattle WA, where she lived for 13 years. Natalie continued to draw and also worked as a camera operator on various films, music videos, and live performances. After the passing of her aunt, who was an oil painter, she inherited her paints and brushes and that’s when Natalie found her deep love for painting. She packed up and headed to Olympia, WA to study oil painting and art history with an emphasis in Medieval and Renaissance work. To her surprise, she found herself taking intensive courses in Consciousness Studies. This had a huge impact on her work and process as a painter. Natalie’s work is based on having a visual dialogue between consciousness and the subconscious. Her work looks at the processes we go through, the patterns we create for ourselves, and the acknowledgment of our darkest fears and our brightest lights as we push forward in life. Natalie currently works and lives in Portland, OR.